Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oliver's travels...

Oliver is once again going to be travelling. For those of you who will be attending MQX (Machine Quilters Expo) in Providence, Rhode Island, make sure you take a peek at the Special Exhibit entitled Pretty as a Picture, Quilts Inspired by Photographs. Because while you're walking around and looking you'll be able to see Oliver, along with his classmate Park Ling. Park Ling is owned by Pat Parker, a very dear friend who was also in the week-long retreat with Sharon Schamber, he was painted and appliqued in the same manner as Oliver. It was my honor to do the thread play and quilting on Park Ling.

OLIVER - inspiration photo and quilt:

PARK LING - inspiration photo and quilt:

So make sure you visit MQX in April and send pics if you can as I will be unable to attend {pouting}. You can visit the MQX website here, the show is April 11-16, 2011. Hopefully the boys (Oliver & Park Ling) won't be getting into too much trouble while they're away!


  1. How exciting!

    You might like the photography of a friend of mine, by the way -

    And I haven't forgotten about sending in my quilt tops to you! They will get to you eventually this year!

  2. WOW... your friend has some great pics of a barred owl -- I might need some permissions for another quilt! Absolutely stunning, thanks for the link!

    Whenever your quilts arrive is fine... you're on the list, I just keep moving you down until I know more.


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