Friday, February 11, 2011

Ketchup -- oh I mean catch up...

LOL... really because if not I'd be crying! I just spent an hour remembering everything I forgot to tell you all, typing it up, inserting pictures, tweeking, perking and gosh-darn-it... laptop freezes up -- again! That's okay right, autosave will save me... I finally get the laptop back up and running, pull up my drafts and no, nothing, no even a first sentence! Ahhhhh... it should really be LOLWCMEO... laughing out loud while crying my eyes out! So anyway, here we go again, and no, it will not be as good as the first one, it never is!

I'll start way back at the end of January with Ruth's beautiful dresden plate. This quilt was just screaming spring and I wanted it to scream WOW beautiful spring when I was done. I'm seriously hoping I accomplished that - I think so (oh and Ruth really like it so that's all that matters)!

Onward to FUN (not that quilting isn't) - the family spent an evening at the Palm Beach Int'l Raceway for Nitro Jam! We had a blast even though it was super chilly out and we spent the next two days coughing up jet fuel, it was still up there with major fun! Here are just a couple of pictures of monster truck versus jet truck (way cool):

Most people left before this... the jet truck had a fuel leak earlier (could you imagine with all those flames) in the evening and they weren't sure it would be able to run. They held a few other races and after almost an hour delay "Shockwave" was awesome! Thank goodness for earplugs!

So, after all this I decided I needed some true "domestic" time. A few weeks earlier my husband and I were watching Food Network. The Barefoot Contessa was whipping up this amazing looking coconut cake and we thought, wow that really looks good. Well, I rounded up all the ingredients and went to town. Six hours later... yes, it took all freakin' day -- this is what we ended up with. Yes, it was a beautiful cake. The raw batter was delicious (I know, I know, so bad), the icing was to die for, but as my darling husband cut into this beautiful masterpiece I thought he was going to need the sawzall! It turned out to be a heavy (OMG) cake. Indeed, it tasted very good, but it was a thick, heavy cake. In no way was it up there with light and fluffy. Perhaps I goofed, it is possible, especially with my ADD, but I don't think so, I checked off each step as I went so as to prevent any goofs. Anyway, we tried it and sorry to say it is not going in the favorites book. :(

I'll have a few more beautiful quilts coming up soon. I don't want to overwhelm and put everything in this post.

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