Monday, January 24, 2011

A case of the uglies...

Last Friday it was a dark, dreary, rainy day so I decided to do some piecing to pass the time. I just needed to work on some simple, what I call "mindless piecing" -- kind of just straight seam stuff. I didn't want to think about precise cutting and measurements, I just wanted something super simple. I pulled out my handy-dandy Turning Twenty pattern (by Tricia Cribbs). My pattern no longer looks like that, it is turned inside out and laminated due to overuse. This is my go-to pattern because it is so easy and can be done in an afternoon -- cutting, piecing, and all, like I said, quick, easy, done! How much better can it get.

Awhile ago I had inherited a bunch of fat quarters. They were of the "uglies" variety. No, not ugly to look at, ugly to feel. They were mostly lower-quality fabrics, not the quilt shop quality that I prefer. They are what I refer to as "uglies". So I had 22 FQs in this bunch, I took out two of the ugly looking uglies (LOL) and started cutting away - this was at lunch time! I had all the blocks completed by dinner - and that included 9 million breaks for coffee, phone, dog walks, and even a little facebook too! I finished piecing the quilt top on Saturday morning. Here is a quick look at the uglies quilt...

Today I finished quilting the uglies quilt. Here is it in all of it's ugliness -
Tonight I'll look through my stash and find a suitable fabric for the binding. Then I think this quilt will go to charity through one of the two guilds - not sure which one yet.


  1. I've been a FB friend for a while now, but just discovered I was not following your blog! Fixed that problem. Love the photos of your quilts... inspiring... your work is just wonderful, even on "uglies"!


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