Friday, August 5, 2011


three of my favorite words!

Two of my lovelies were out and about gallivanting around Hershey, PA at Quilt Odyssey. *Oliver* and *Clouds in My Latte* both made an appearance, and boy did they shine... one with yellow and one with red! Shiny ribbons that is -- *Oliver* took 3rd Place in Wall Quilt-Mixed/Other Techniques and *Clouds in My Latte* took 2nd Place in Wall Quilt-Pieced.

I must congratulate all the winners -- there were some amazing quilts hanging at the show. No, unfortunately I did not attend, but my awesome Mother and Sister went for me! They took some pictures and told me all about what I missed. I have to admit, I have an awesome, awesome family!!! I could go on for hours so instead of boring you I'll go back to the winners, one of my dear facebook friends, Claudia Pfeil, took 1st Place in Large Pieced and also Viewers Choice with *Fire and Ice*, one of my favorite quilts. If you haven't yet seen this quilt in person it is a jaw dropper, the quilting is amazing, and it is covered in over 55,000 crystals. I had the pleasure of standing in front of it back in November 2010 while it was at the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach. Yes, I stood there for about 45 minutes drooling all over it! Claudia tells me wait til I set my eyes on her latest creation, *Magical Mermaids*... soon I hope, soon. I'm sure I'll be at a show one day and it will be there and I'll be drooling all over that one too! Here is a link to my Quilt Odyssey facebook album.

So hold on to your britches while I tell you the funniest story (NOT) about what happened to *Clouds in My Latte* while it was at Quilt Odyssey. The show opened on Thursday, a facebook friend was at the show and took pictures for me and posted/tagged me and there was a shiny red ribbon on Clouds, yeah for me! On Friday another facebook friend was at the show and also took pictures and posted/tagged me and guess what... no ribbon. Oh no, where did it go, what happened... I'm 1100 miles away wondering, worrying, and confused. So on Saturday another friend posted a picture and there it was, the ribbon was back! On Sunday my Mom & Sis were at the show and my Sister sent me a text with a pic of Clouds and the ribbon was there. So while they were picking my quilts up to ship home to me asap as Oliver needs to get his tushy to Houston rush-rush, the show people hand *Oliver* to my Mom, she mentions there's another quilt, they ask which one, she says *Clouds in My Latte* and the woman says, "that quilt gave us such a hard time, the ribbon kept falling off the entire show." So on Monday Matt from Fil-Tec sends me this picture:

and there you have it... the strange story of the disappearing ribbon!


  1. Congratulations on your ribbons - funny story about it falling off.

  2. How funny! My mom would say you had a ghost teasing you.

  3. That's hilarious!!

    Already congratulated you, but it doesn't hurt to do it again. So... CONGRATS! You're amazing!

  4. Whoohoo!!!!! Congratulations, Karen, on all of your success!!!! Keep up the journey and good work!!!


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