Thursday, April 7, 2011

Always the last to know...

Technically if it weren't for facebook I wouldn't know, not sure which is worse? So on that note I would like to thank John Kubiniec (Big Rig Quilting) one of my facebook friends for posting this link. Remember a while back, I had two quilts brought to me by Michele, but they were actually for Susan up in New York (if you don't remember, you can read the original post here).

Her red quilt, "Bamboo" (pictured to the left) took Third Place in the Group Quilts category at the Empire Quilt Show in New York. Congratulations to her, and me too. Also congratulations to John -- he took First Place in Group Quilts category!

So... no, I didn't hear from the customer, not a call, not a letter, not even a facebook or blog comment, nothing. This is one of the bad points of being a longarmer -- you don't always hear of the glory of a quilt that you quilted, the compliments, praises, and judging critiques. But, even worse than all of that, is not to be listed as the quilter at all... that is the worst! That was not the case with Susan, she did list me as the quilter.

So to sum this one up, if you use a longarmer and the quilt is in a show, let the longarmer know, whether it takes a ribbon or not-- it's just nice to know!


  1. Yes! It's excellent that you're drawing attention to this. I've had the same thing happen to be. Both not being notified of a ribbon or even of it being in a show, and also not even being listed as the quilter! It would be nice if people wouldn't forget that it's a team effort!

  2. I guess I must not be the norm. I had a quilt get a ribbon that was quilted at a LQS, I let the shop hang the quilt and the ribbon. Of course I gave him credit with the quilting.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies... this is one of the ugly sides of this business. Carolyn you are what is know as a good customer/person, and you should be applauded. I do have MANY customers that let me know about shows, ribbons, and even send me photos. They are just good people. And I could possibly be jumping the gun with this one, perhaps she was planning on calling me, I really don't know.


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