Sunday, February 13, 2011

even more catch up...

Here is a Kasuri Sampler made by Susan K. of New York (brought to me by Michele - a little confusing I know).

The pattern is by Susan Briscoe and here is what Ms. Briscoe posted on my facebook page -- I thought I would share with all of you as she includes additional information:

"Wow! It is gorgeous. Your client has made a wonderful job of the patchwork and sashiko and it looks lovey with the longarm quilting.Yep, it's my book. The USA edition is published by Kodansha International and its called "Japanese Quilt ...Blocks to Mix and Match". There's also a follow up on a taupes theme, with another 126 blocks based on traditional Japanese designs (same size blocks as the first book, so you can mix and match).Could I feature this beautiful quilt on my blog? I love the chance to have blog entries showing the terrific work readers do. I like the different direction to the striped border on this version - looks so good. BTW, there's a link to my blog at the bottom of my homepage - if you use the blog search feature with "Japanese Quilt Blocks" you'll turn up some earlier posts featuring reader's sampler quilts, including a few more versions of the kasuri sampler. :-)"

Another quilt by Susan K. of NY (Michele) was the pattern Bamboo & Pinwheels by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes (From Me to You Quilts). This one turned out super cute!

And, remember a few years ago when Watercolor quilts were all the rage. Well, Denise made one (almost 10 years ago). When you see how beautiful this quilt is you will see why watercolor quilts were so popular! Denise said my most favorite words... "do your thing" and I did!

Okay, I think you are all caught up in the quilting department. There will be a few more goodies to follow though, in a day or two! Stay tuned...

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