Thursday, August 20, 2020

Kris - Crumbs quilt

 I've just finished this super cute quilt for Kris.  The pattern is Crumbs by Me and My Sister Designs.  First I'll show you the finished beauty then I'll tell you all about it!

I used one of my digital designs called Swoof -- available in ALL formats here and also in gqp format here.

Now on to the story... according to Kris this quilt was almost destined for the garbage... almost.  She is one of my awesome regular clients so she contacted me and asked if it was fixable.  It most certainly was - there was just a wee bit of wonky in the borders -- totally fixable!

The top border was 59" and the bottom border was 57 3/8" while both sides were 74 5/8.  All I needed to do was shrink up that top border.  I share a 20 minute video in my Quilty Know-How group (paid subscription) on how to fix it.

So don't even think your quilt is so wonky it can never be quilted.  I have fixed many almost trash can quilts into beautiful pieces!!

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