Monday, September 19, 2016

Sherry's Black and White Beauty

I have finally finished Sherry's  beautiful black and white quilt.  Well, not really finished as I still have the binding to attach, but finally finished enough to share pictures.

What an ordeal this quilt has been through.  I started it back in the beginning of August.  During the two weeks it was originally scheduled, we had intense storms.  Normally we have a daily storm which lasts 1-2 hours but, these storms were sporadic, and beyond intense -- crazy lightning.  For those that don't know, out property has been hit by lightning three times -- I absolutely do not quilt during storms.  Anway, the quilt was way past my schedule deadline.  But then... I got sick.  Suffering from a severe cold turned sinus infection I continued to stitch (slowly) on the quilt.  Hindsight being 20/20 I should have never touched the machine.  During my sick/medicated inertness I was stitching what I thought were okay stitches.  Fast forward a week... yes, starting to feel better.  Oh dear, what I thought looked okay was awful.  Yes, I have since made my husband and best friend promise to never allow me to stitch while sick again.  So... rip... rip... rip... and more ripping.  But I'm now so far behind schedule and have some serious deadlines to keep so I rip in all my off hours and stitch during my regular working hours.  So for the past two weeks I have pretty much worked every hour of every day, including weekends.  It's been rough, and I'm almost back on schedule... almost.

Enough of the back story -- here are a bunch of pics of this beautiful quilt - Midnight Gardens.  It consists of some of Sherry's original blocks as well as some from Aunt Millie's Garden (Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins/Piece O'Cake) and measured in (before quilting) at 81" square, I used two layers of batting (80/20 topped with wool).

Isn't it a beauty?!!  Here are some detail pics:

And, of course, the backside (my absolute favorite):

I'll be spending the rest of today (and probably tomorrow) binding until my fingers are numb so that I can make Sherry's deadline.


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