Sunday, November 22, 2015

A little catch-up

So it's been raining all weekend - and you all know about me and quilting in the rain.  Because of all the rain I haven't been able to work on the client quilt that is on the frame so I decided I would share some of the beautiful *hush* projects I had quilted for RJR.  Since they are now public I'm going to assume they are safe for sharing (all appropriate links will be included). See, when I say I can't share now but will, I really do mean it!

We'll start with these beauties - the Lotus pattern by Jinny Beyer in two colorways. I quilted both of these and they are spectacular! The link to the kits can be found below the photo.
photo credit:
Here are a few pics while they were in my studio:

Then we have Cotton Candy done in beautiful handsprays (one of my favorite fabric lines):
photo credit:
And some pics while it was in my studio:

And the awesome Diamonte quilt:
photo credit:
This one was a beauty! Some pics:

And then the Fleurissant table runners in three colorways:
Photo Credit:
And here are my pics - all three colorways - front and backs:

And then these beauties from Fall Market - The Barn Quilt:
photo credit: RJR Fabrics Instagram
And here it is in my studio:

And another awesome Jinny Beyer quilt from Fall Market - Catwalk:
photo credit: Jinny Beyer Studios facebook
And photos from my studio:

That's just some of them - there are still a few exclusives and catalog quilts that I am unable able to share, hopefully soon!

...and with that it has stopped raining and the sun is starting to show its face.  Off to catch up on quilting!


  1. They are all beautiful. I especially like the way you broke up the quilting areas on Cotton Candy.

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