Thursday, October 9, 2014

Judy's Embroideries

Here is the last of the four quilts for Judy.  I love this one!  Aren't these embroideries awesome?!!

A detail pic - if you like the quilting I did in the block, scroll down to the bottom of this post, there are two videos showing how I did it:

And, of course, the back -- gorgeous.  I love when clients give me solid backs -- it's almost like they get two quilts in return -- the pieced top and a wholecloth back!

Oh, about the videos.  Well, my friend Natalie was over, and she was looking at the quilt.  When she asked about my travel path I showed her.  She then proclaimed that I was a genius at finding the fastest path through a block and/or  across a quilt.  Well, I don't know about all that, but I do like to find the path with the least start/stops.  So I decided to do a video of my path.  Each block takes me 10-12 minutes to stitch.  I ended up doing two videos -- one time lapsed which runs about a minute and a half, and one hi-speed video which runs just under three minutes.  Some people found the time-lapsed version jumpy.  And yes, I know it is hard to see -- it is white thread on a white background, but you're concentrating on the path, not the stitches.

Video #1 Time-Lapse version

Video #2 Hi-Speed version

So, check out the videos, watch how my brain works in creating the best path through the block, and let me know which one you prefer.


  1. Thanks for these videos. I much prefer the second one. I would watch this video at regular speed as well. Those of us interested in what you do would not mind spending the time to watch in real time. I think this is just the right density for this quilt.

  2. This is wonderful....thanks.Sometimes a great design gets scrapped because of too many starts and stops....this helps to visualize how to "get around". Love your work , and would be happy to see more of your "how I did it" videos. Ruth


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