Thursday, September 25, 2014

Judy's "Sherman's March" Quit

I absolutely love the look of this quilt!

This is Judy's second (of four) quilts that I'm working on for her.  To me, this one is quite timeless, the blacks, beige, and pop of burgundy - love it!  The pattern is called Sherman's March, here is a link to the Red Crinoline website.

Here are a couple of other pics - the side light this afternoon was perfect!

I have a project for an upcoming article to work on tomorrow, and working on more class stuff for my upcoming teaching gigs (info on my website), but Judy's third quilt will be started over the weekend, make sure you watch for it here as well as the CLQ facebook page!

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  1. It is wonderful! Just like I wanted ....and I have been saving it for you for awhile. I think I shall keep this one for myself!


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