Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Judy's "Flowers for Our Lady of the Rosary"

It all started with a class...

a class that Judy signed up for. The class was for the "Passion Flowers" quilt in the book Applique Outside the Lines by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins of Piece-o-Cake Designs. Judy took this class. This red quilt is the quilt in the book. Very pretty if I say so myself. Judy marches to the beat of her own drummer, very similar to myself. And she decided to uses deep blues, turquoises, and aquas for her background. WOW... a simple color change can make such a dramatic difference.

Here is Judy's finished quilt:

And here are some detail photos:

Okay, I bet by now you are wondering where Judy's title for her quilt comes in...
Judy was working on this quilt, and working on it, and working on it some more... she finally finished it on October 7 - which just happens to be Our Lady of the Rosary Day. Cool huh... it gets better! Judy had no idea what she was going to use for a backing for this quilt. Then the fabric found her... it is a rose print. Even though it is multiple levels of pinks and whites it works with this quilt -- so neat, I just love things like this!
So... Judy wanted this quilted special! I decided to take her title and attempt to interpret her thoughts and how the title came about and translate all of that into stitches on the quilt. In the center I stitched a mod-cross and placed circles all around to resemble the rosary and filled them with feathers and little pebbles or beads... so while you were looking at the quilt you wouldn't actually think cross and rosary, but knowing the entire story the quilting shows the meaning and is perfect. Or at least I think so!


  1. Well, I picked up my quilt this evening from Karen and was truly amazed, delighted and grateful for her beautiful quilting but also because she captured the spirit of my quilt.
    As I look at this quilt, I feel as though every one of those little circles are Hail Mary's. And the big circles on the quilt represent Our Father's and a decade of the rosary.
    The feathers on the quilt are like lofty clouds that bring the prayers to Heaven and also remind me of our native Indians and their prayer rituals.
    The middle of the quilt is a beautifully designed, feathered, 'hidden' cross with the cutest little heart in the middle that radiates out. Ah, the heart of Jesus and Mary which represents the love of God for each being.
    It truly is a blessed quilt! Thank you so much Karen and may God bless you even more!
    Judy Riddle

  2. Karen,What a beautiful work of art!
    You take this quilt to the next level and beyound. You are amazing and I'm very proud to say you are my D-I-L.


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