Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah for Friday...

Today was Friday (I'm sure you all knew that)... anyway, Friday's are my official day off -- yes, I take other days off on occasion, but like I said, Friday's are my "official" day off to sew for myself!

Anyway, I had every intention of working on my show quilt ALL DAY... yep, paved with good intentions... anyway, I started on my show quilt, got all the pieces out, looked over my master pattern to see what else needed to be done... ran out of the special foundation paper... okay... change gears, work on different part of the quilt... life is good -- or so I thought! Right after changing gears and moving all my pieces around I ran out of basting glue. Here's another tidbit for those of you that don't know me... I AM LAZY! Once I'm in a creative mood I'm not leaving the house... especially not to get glue! Okay... hurry up and clean up this disastrous mess that I have created twice today!

DONE... not really -- I decided to break out the fabrics I got while in Jersey on vacation (Village Quilter). So I pushed all my creative juices to the side and did some mindless cutting of fabric. Which was good, now all six colors are cut into 12.5" squares and are ready for matching into threes. I'm making what I refer to as my "Jersey Onion" -- it will be a modified Red Onion pattern (Karla Alexander-Stack a New Deck). I love this pattern -- it is so easy and goes together amazingly fast! My modifications -- I'm only using six colors and I'm only making three slices into each square. I think it'll be great... time will only tell...

Here's a picture of the squares -- hopefully I'll be up super early tomorrow and I'll start slicing up the squares before I have to work!

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