Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Besides finishing the beautiful raffle quilt last month, I did manage to stitch just a few client quilts.  If you didn't read about the raffle quilt, please do so here.  You can win this amazing quilt!!!  Check it out peeps!

Okay, back to client quilts.  I had some beauties, here comes all the quilty goodness -- I know you guys love looking at pictures way more than hearing me babble:

Sheila's Circus Quilt
What a FUN quilt!  Bright colors and so much going on, super funness!

Mary's I Spy baby quilt
Another super cute quilt with an ultra soft minkee back!

Mary's Sailboat baby quilt
Yet another cutie -- some little one is going to be very pleased!

Sharon's Double Wedding Star
One of my favorite patterns (Judy Niemeyer/Quiltworx - and yes, one day I'll finish my own)

Sharon's Summer Solstice
Yet another Quiltworx pattern!  Super beautiful with bright tropical colors!

Hope you enjoyed these beauties.  More soon... I promise!


  1. All so beautiful! Do you know if Sheila used a pattern for her circus quilt? You are right, SUPER funness (AND major coloriness! LOL)


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