Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amish Country, Samplers, and Wildflowers

Yeah, we're getting back to a normal posting schedule.  It's only been 10 days!  WooHoo!!!

I'll start with Arlene's quilt -- great colors!  She fell in love with this store sample while shopping in Amish country.  I'm glad she chose me to quilt it!  And the best part, the solid(ish) back!  I love quilting with a solid back, you can see the quilting lines and it almost becomes a like second quilt!

Then I worked on Barbara's Sampler.  This was one of her very first quilts, not too bad!  She did a great job with the piano key border.  Again, I was spoiled with a solid back!


And last, but most certain not least, Aleta's Wildflowers embroidery quilt - a real beauty!  She used a batik on the back, but it still turned out quite impressive.

Happy Quilting until next time!


  1. I just realized that the fabric Arlene used in the quilt is the Mums fabric that I have. It's beautiful colors!!!
    I love your solid backs! And that embroidered quilt is WOW. You are so awesome at what you do!

  2. Since I no longer work at a quilt shop, and all our local shops have closed, I am sooooo out of the loop as regards fabric lines, seriously, and it's rough. :(
    It was a beautiful fabric though, all that glittery gold in there, like!
    THANK YOU!!!


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