Friday, January 7, 2011


A New Year… wow, I’m not sure I was finished with the last one!

I hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons, I must admit, mine turned out to be fabulous! I was able to spend two weeks work-free with my family and friends up north. What did I get for Christmas you ask? A blizzard, of course! I wanted it to snow so badly, mostly because my son hasn’t seen snow in almost ten years. Boy did we get snow… about 15 inches in our area. WHAT FUN! We went sledding, sliding, and wipe-outing (ha-ha). We did manage to squeeze in a visit to the ice rink, and yes, I did skate, but only for a few minutes… the fear of last year’s fall got the best of me and I decided four months of recuperation from broken ribs just wasn’t worth it again. I opted for some quality best friend time along with super hot, hot chocolate while the kids skated. The entire vacation truly was wonderful. I spent some much needed time with my family and also hours and hours of catch-up time with many of my much-missed friends.

Here are some pictures to delight and possibly amuse you…

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