Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here is a peek... yep, just a peek, at my latest quilt. It's called Big Girls Still Play with Blocks. I had this ingenious idea (or so I thought)... to take one of my favorite blocks (Girls Favorite) and enlarge it... to 55" -- which would leave me big spaces to quilt... so here is the beginning


  1. karen,
    Love the quilting~I tried to enlarge the pic because I was interested in seeing what color thread you used...beautiful~ And how do you do the gridwork? Do you have a template or design on computer or is it freehand? I am going to practice some feathers and little swirly stipple on my valentines tablerunners~you inspire me!

  2. Thank Eileen! Yeah, I don't know why sometimes it opens larger and sometimes it doesn't??? I used Madeira Polyneon #1649 -- its like granny smith apple! On the curve crosshatch I use two different rulers depending on the size -- my handy "arch guide" by Linda Taylor and/or the "judilator" for large areas. Just depends what mood I'm in...LOL Practice, practice, and play!!!


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