Sunday, December 27, 2009

One busy week... and a Christmas too!

I can't believe it has been a full week since my last post. Shame, shame on me! Anyway, I hope all of you had wonderful holidays! But, wow, it has been so busy here. Yes, busy cleaning... you might not know this about me... I am messy, messy in the stuff all-over-cluttery way. I had to "find" our dining room table in order to have Christmas dinner. Our dining room table is the "catch-all" for any and everything that enters this house -- any item entering the house must reside there for at least 24 hours. So before we could sit at the "company's coming" table I had to find it which caused some "busy". Then of course, at least one full day of baking cookies. We kept it quite mild this year with only sugar and chocolate chip... less cookies, less calories! Yeah right - doesn't work that way! Anyway Christmas morning was wonderful -- only two electronic dilemmas, both of which resolved themselves quickly and easily. Dinner was here... my darling MIL made lasagna and brought it over, while my darling hubby smoked a ham. If you have never smelled a smoking ham, it is an amazing aroma... don't you wish we had smell-o-blog? LOL! Needless to say, it was delicious and there's still some lasagna leftovers!

But, all of yesterday and all of today was "ribbons". Me, my MIL, and even Joe spent several hours in ribbon production for the PSL Crazy Quilters show... here was a picture from early this morning... we got quite a bit more accomplished during today. They are actually starting to resemble award ribbons now! Will post more pics later.

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