Saturday, August 22, 2009

A little squall with dinner...

Here's a nice little storm that rolled in during dinner. Not our most impressive, but it was a pretty nice one. Again, the photo-junkie in me comes out... I wanted to jump in the truck and head to the other side of it which was so much more impressive, but the rest of the family pulled a veto on that one -- apparently dinner was more important!

Anyway, I spent the entire day working for myself... could you believe it??? I stitched my latest wholecloth design to a super-thick 20 oz batting. This was a major accomplishment. The original design came to me pretty quickly, but I then spent a few weeks "tweeking" it. Now I can spend the next 4-5 evenings snipping away all that extra batting! Not the most fun job, but the sooner it comes off the sooner I can start quilting away -- that's the best part!

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