Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kris's Brilliant Beauties of Joy

Well, Kris's second quilt, Brilliant Beauties of Joy (another Jacqueline de Jonge pattern), is finished. I'm a few days late in finishing it up... last week I threw out my back.  If you've been following on Facebook you already know all about it.  Anyway, what strenuous activity was I doing to throw out my back?  Bending down to get a pot out of the cabinet.  Yep, that is it!  A lot of you have commented how very common this back busting is -- while drying your hair, tying shoelaces, sneezing - so at the very least I feel better about just bending.

I did take a few days to try and rest my back.  I started on my Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics Van Gogh Challenge (you'll be able to read about that on my other blog after August 1st).  Since it is all freeform hand applique it required me to sit which, with the aid of a pillow, wasn't too awful.  The last few days I have worked on Kris's quilt slowly, very slowly.  I am thankful that my frame is very high and it enabled me to lean on it, a lot.

Okay now, that's enough jabbering, here is Kris's Brilliant Beauties of Joy:

And a couple of detail pics:

I apologize that the pics aren't my usual, but there was no way I could get down on the floor to pin the quilt to the board and carry it outside - I like the feeling of the back getting better.  You'll all have to settle for draped over the frame.

Have a wonderful 4th -- be smart, stay safe, and have fun!

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