Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Deborah's Eagle Quilt

I've been struggling with rain delays (like every rainy season) but, finally managed to finish up this awesome quilt today!

And a couple of detail pics:

Now to hurry up and load the next one before... rumble!


  1. Wonderful quilt! Clever design, beautifully pieced and beautifully quilted!! To me the quilt suggests the hesitation of the eagle wanting to escape from a turbulent sky but worried about the safety of the ground chosen to settle down.

  2. That's certainly a striking quilt. And the quilting is spectacular - congratulations indeed!!!

  3. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting. It looks round...how in the world did you load that on your machine???

  4. Absolutely Amazing! I agree with the comment above, your detail quilting is wonderful



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