Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A hoot of a baby quilt!

In all my spare hours I've been working on a super adorable commission baby quilt. Well, late last night I finally finished it! I did manage to wait until this morning for some cute pictures as I needed the sunlight from the window -- there just isn't much light at 11:45 pm.

Isn't it absolutely adorable?!!

It all started with pink camo (a personal favorite):

That was cut up into miles of 7" strips to create that super cute ruffle. Me, no not me, I farmed that out to my wonderful MIL who just happens to have a ruffler foot.

And then the owl drawing and name layout:

Then the applique foundation pieces in reverse, you know, to make life easier:

And I couldn't resist sharing the eyes (love them):

And a full day (or what seemed like a full day) of satin stitching the edges:

Tada! Hmmm, now to attach that ruffle...

Yep, that'll work!

Don't forget to stitch the ends shut!

And now, quilting after the fact. Because of the ruffle, and the fact that I'm no where near an accomplished seamstress, the quilt was birthed and then quilted:

Please don't mind the messy studio in the background.

And that's it -- a super adorable baby quilt was born!  It'll soon be on its way to the baby (who just happened to come a little early)!


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