Thursday, November 13, 2014

Betsy's Brilliant Beauties of Joy

I know I just posted yesterday about Wendy's quilt, and you all think I just finished it.  No, I had finished her's early in the weekend and just got around to posting it.  So here I am posting another quilt, which I've been working on since!  No, unfortunately, I am not as fast as some of you think.

So here is Betsy's quilt, the pattern is Brilliant Beauties of Joy by Jacqueline de Jonge.  I still have the binding to do (as well as a sleeve), but sharing these for now!


  1. Wow! your gift has really brought a whole new level of awesome to this quilt!

  2. That is breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. Wow your quilting really adds to the beauty of this quilt. Doris I


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