Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sondra's Super Secret Quilt

This weekend I worked some overtime on a super-secret project. My super talented friend Sondra Millard, also known as ShesGotMojo, is writing a book. Yep, I totally can't wait for this book - it will be awesome! I am also honored to be quilting one of Sondra's quilts for the book, the quilt is called Joyland, and it is super cool! Unfortunately I can't share any pictures of the quilt top, but I sure can share pics of the back!!! Ooohhhh... and it is awesome!

Here is Sondra's backing as I was loading it on the Gammill:

Sondra dyes these amazing backings, or fronts, as they are beautiful all on their own.  For those that follow my personal blog, you already know about these amazing backs, I own three now... I guess I'm a collector!

And here are some amazing afters, showing only the quilting on this beautiful backing.  You'll have to wait for the book to see the quilt!

Amazing right? Yep, told ya!


  1. It's totally 2 quilts in one - a wholecloth on one side, and the secret Joyland pieced quilt on the other. Gorgeous work, ladies.

  2. Wow is right! I love that back and can't wait to see the front.


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