Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurry up and wait...

Thursday I started Sallie's quilt with every intention of having it finished for Saturday morning (just before Sallie was leaving for vacation).  Well... when things go wrong it usually ruins the plan.  And something went wrong.  No, nothing tragic, just me.  I was quilting along and it happened.  That moment when you know something isn't quite right, you're possibly making a mistake so you hestitate. You might even stop like I did, look at the quilt and say to yourself, no, it'll work out fine, just keep going.  Yes, that moment.  It happened. I kept going.  I finished almost the first half of the quilt.  I went to roll forward and BAM it hit me... the mistake.  There is was bigger than day.  None of the lines I was quilting would line up, not one.  Ahhhhhh!!!  I should have stopped and listened to that voice in my head -- the one that knew this was going to happen!  It was then that I stopped quilting, released the tension on the quilt and started ripping...

So we'll fast forward to yesterday at around 2:30.  Yes, yesterday was Saturday!  I finally finished ripping out all the wrong stitching.  I was ready to get quilting and get this done for Sallie to take with her on vacation to show all her Michigan quilties.  I start quilting, maybe a half hours worth and then, BOOM... thunder.  Of course, it's the rainy season, every afternoon is thunder, lightning, and torrential rain.  With my history I don't even try to quilt.  It all gets unplugged and waiting happens.

It's now Sunday, it's also my wedding anniversary, I woke up super early and started stitching away.  I was going to finish this quilt before Sallie left!  I had about an hour left to finish when BOOM... again! Of course, its the rainy season -- I check the radar and we're under a giant red blob.  The good news is there is a big break between the blob that's above us and the next blob that is on the way!  So I wait for that break between blobs, and I finish!

So here is Sallie's quilt:

Beautiful isn't it?  But, this story isn't quite finished.  I called Sallie to let her know it was done and she had just left.  I missed her by minutes!  Noooooo.........

Fate, it is an amazing thing.  Sallie just  happened to have forgotten something, returned home, and got my message.  She ran over and picked it up on her way up north.  You've really gotta love when things work out!


  1. Love it! It turned out great!!!

  2. My luck never runs that way. Glad it was all good for you though. Beautiful work hope she was happy. Chris

  3. I do love it when things work out this way. But-isn't there always a but?! I no sooner left Karen and got to the Turnpike than traffic was stopped for an accident. I had not had lunch so I stopped at the rest stop to get a sandwich at Earl Of Sandwich. About 45 minutes later with a full tummy -and the traffic again moving I was on my way. Oh did I mention it never stopped raining. A yucky day in which I saw 4 more accidents by the time I made it to Orlando,
    But-the best is I have an awesome quilt to share when I finally make it to my sister's.
    Karen, thanks a million for all your beautiful effort. Hope the anniversary was special in spite of all the woes with my quilt.

    1. So glad you love the quilt! The anniversary was wonderful. Hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly!

  4. It is pretty and I'm glad that you got the problems all worked out.


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