Monday, July 30, 2012

Mary's Death by Half Square

A lot has happened in a week.  A lot of quilting that is!

Here is Mary's quilt, she is calling it Death by Half Square.  I love that name, when you see how many little pieces are in this quilt you'll understand a little better.  Also, I know what happened the day Mary was rushing to finish this quilt to bring to me.  She almost sliced off her finger.  Almost... whew!

So here is the quilt before any quilting... wow right?  This was the 2009 Block of the Month for the Quilt Show, called Stars for a New Day, designed by Sue Garman.  I did not know this, a wonderful facebook friend let me know all the details, including the fact that the pattern is available at Quakertown Quilts.

So... that's a lot of pieces right?  And in all that piecing one of the borders had a tiny little booboo.  No worries, after a couple of quick emails with Mary I fixed it.  I couldn't possibly leave a little mistake, especially since it only took less than a hour to fix.

Then came the ditch work... ehhh... not my favorite thing, but totally necessary on this quilt.

Two days later ditch work was done and I was ready to quilt!  Not sure if it was two full days, or two ADD days, but it was two calendar days, that's for sure!

And about a week later it was finally finished!  What a beautiful quilt.  Thank you Mary for allowing me to stitch on this beauty!  Here's the full view, some details (look at that fabulous Glide thread), and of course, a peek at the back!


See... I told you a whole lot of stitching was going on last week!


  1. Gorgeous quilt & fabulous quilting!
    This is not my favorite kind of quilt to quilt. Love the back!

  2. very beautiful quilt...great piecing, fantastic quilt, a joy for years to come!

  3. Hoooooooly SHIT that quilt is awesome!!! You did such a fantastic job! And remember even my Moda rep was blown away by it. :)

  4. Mary's quilt if gorgeous - and your quilting AMAZING! I am in awe!!

    Are you accepting new customers? My LA quilter just went out of business - and I am in dire need of an amazing quilter.

    I've emailed you twice - but it may have gone to your spam folder since I am from Panama - unfortunately a lot of spam originates from Panama


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