Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whew.... what a week!

And no, not in a good way! Much more in a happy to have lived through it relieved that it's over kind of way.

So, to catch you up, I had been working on my latest show quilt, trying ever so hard to have it finished for photographs for a show entry deadline. Nope, did not happen. Well, it did, four days after the deadline! It's all good, I did enter "Clouds in My Latte" and of course my JTA Door Challenge "The Choice", so not to worry, I will have two quilts in the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach in November... that is, unless they don't get juried in?!! Well have to wait and see.

Then, being as I'm behind schedule. Yes, WAY behind. I'll share my stupidity with you -- I accidentally turned two pages in my schedule book and missed a couple of quilts. See what happens when I don't double check with the computer listing. No worries, took a week away from my own scheduled time and plan on cloning myself from now until when I leave for Houston, so hopefully I'll be back on schedule by November!

So, I load one of the missed customer quilts on Tuesday, I'm quilting away... life is good, quilt looks great. Its Wedneday morning, I'm halfway done this beautiful king size quilt... yep, here goes, my switch goes bad. Okay, not a big deal, I simply replace the switch like I've done a million times before. WRONG... the switch has been replaced sooooo many times, and the wires and connectors are sooooo worn, that when I snipped the end for a new connection, the wire was so short it went down in the handle -- utoh! Grab tweezers, pulled it up, pulled really really hard and fix the switch. Guess what, nothing is working now -- well, it is, but not the way it should, its working more in a possessed-chaotic way. Oh no, I call the repair guy -- most probably pulled the wires loose or they are shorting because I when I pulled I pinched them. Take the head off the table with the beautiful quilt still loaded. Thusday morning jump in the truck for a three+ hour road trip. Great, while it's there it'll get a long-overdue checkup! Four repair hours later.... both ends rewired, brand new shiny switches, a new hook assembly, new springies, gears adjusted, shaft tightened, and a thorough cleaning and oiling. Now, a three+ hour with massive traffic drive home. BUT, life is good because it is up and running again. Well really, life is great, because I spent a much-needed quality day with my son!

Friday morning, wake up, adjust tensions for poly thread and finally finish Shay's confetti quilt.

That was my week... in a super short nutshell, which has been edited for frustration, anger, and minor cursing here and there.

But, before I go, I'll share the pictures of my latest show quilt, "Wonderlust" an original design, I still need to add some bling, but you get the idea:


This weekend will be spent working on my MCQG Star Challenge... yep, that's right, it's coming out of the I hate you right now corner and will be getting quilted, blinged, and hopefully by weekends end I will once again like it, if not, it'll still be done, I'll just be pouty. This too will be at the Mancuso show in West Palm as part of the Martin County Quilters challenge exhibit.


  1. Beautiful quilts, Karen.
    Your week sounds like a nightmare, and I'm so sorry you were challenged by all those complications.

  2. And in between all of that your car broke down too, right? Phew! I'd say you were due for a quiet week!

  3. At least you have two beautiful quilting pieces to show you got something positive done. Very lovely. "Wonderlust," is amazing. Thanks for sharing it all.

  4. Wonderlust is gorgeous! I love to see pebbles pop out a's so cool! And that 9 patch is beautiful. Sorry you had such a crazy time of it, but glad you machine is all new, cleaned, and ready to go again and again.....whew!

  5. sorry your week was so bad, but oh my goodness, your quilts are to die for! Lovely!

  6. What a beautiful job on the confetti quilt!! I can't wait until I can get my own LA! :D In the meantime, thank you for sharing your work. I am soaking up everybody's examples and learning so much while I wait.

  7. Wow! Wonderlust is gorgeous!



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