Saturday, May 21, 2011

Over Challenged--Under Idea'd

Wow, it is a season of challenges. I am currently involved in three, participation-wise that is. So far I have only started working on two, of which, only one is actually fabric at this point. Anyway, my three challenges are: (1) the Door Challenge for a small local art group (width 30"-60" x 30"+), (2) MCQG Challenge (40x40 max) - Stars, Stars, Stars, and (3) PSLCQ Member Challenge (24x24 max) - What's in Your Garden.

Now, I've never been very good at doing things in the correct order, because here are the respective due dates: (1) September 2011, (2) October, 2011, and (3) November 2011.

(1) I have drawn out my Door Challenge and am still not ready to commit my idea to fabric. I have made two attempts at this so far, but something is telling my brain to wait. My experience with my brain tells me to listen! So my door remains a drawing, waiting for a few more tweeks and the a-okay from the brain, then, and only then will I enlarge my drawing and turn it into a beautiful painted fabric masterpiece. In other words, the last week of August I will be a mad-woman thread painting and quilting wood and stone!

I'm jumping to (3) because I have done nothing on this challenge, not even a thought. I know, it is awful, but it is true. All my creative juices have gone in total other directions... good thing is I have until November!

Okay, now on to (2) My Star Challenge. This one is just about done. Well, no, not really, but close - at least it is fabric!

Here are the fabric choices, at least one of these must be used in the challenge - and yes, they are lame'.

Here is my original design. Yes, I am so old-school -- paper, pencil, scissors, photocopies, tape, and to think I am somewhat of a computer genius and have a background with graphic arts. I don't know why but, I am my most creative doing it the old-fashioned way!

So, the design resulted in the following fabric choices: the lame's and a beautiful silk for the main elements and black sateen for the background. I chose the black sateen for the background because the quilting shows up amazingly beautiful on this fabric; well, that and the sheen factor to match the silk and lame'.

Here is the progress since the design conception (beginning of April) until now. Soon I'll begin the invisible applique and then start designing the quilting layout. (If you peek at the left side of this photo you can see a tiny little piece of the door challenge.)

So that is my Challenge delirium in a nutshell. Hoping to keep you all informed as each challenge progresses -- I've been told that I share too much, don't worry, I'm sure a post on sharing is bound to follow!!!


  1. Wow - very careful directional cutting there! How did you work with the lame?

  2. LOL, just a very good plan and total concentration! The lame' was awful, really! As you see I am getting better as the project progresses. I fused the entire piece of lame' to wonder under and then did my turned edge applique and fused the edge to itself. So far all is good... hoping it won't shred to pieces when I invisible stitch my appliques and then again when I quilt it -- fingers are crossed, if not, it'll be an interesting shredding effect -- kinda' like shooting stars - LOL!

  3. Wow, Karen. 3 Challanges at the same time! For saying too much. I for one can not wait to read your adventures on your process of thinking out the challanges on your blog. You Go Girl!!!!

  4. Ooo Those stars are pretty! And what's wrong with paper and pencil? It's hands on and manipulative, something a computer screen isn't!


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