Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Wind-down

Today is a wind-down day as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I must say, I have so very much to be thankful for -- first off - my life, along with my family and friends, and all that they contribute to making my life what it is! In addition to that these past few weeks have been wonderful in the quilting part of my life! Oliver took Third Place, he was accepted into the 2011 Road to California show, AQS choose my blog as winner of their Blog of the Week! It has definitely been a wonderful few weeks and I must agree with my friend Kathy when she said, "I hope the ball keeps rolling"!

This past week I worked on Betty's "Latte" Quilt (pattern by Kerrie Hay). I had a lot of fun as it was all heirloom work -- here's the before and after photos:

And here are some detail photos:
I hope everyone has a wonderful and completely restful Thanksgiving. Enjoy doing what makes you happiest with the people you love the most!


  1. Wonderful beautiful Quilt is work.

  2. Gorgeous as always!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Wow, Karen. I know little if anything about quilting, but this looks amazing. Looks labor intensive and gorgeous! It's obvious you love what you do.

    Also love your patterns, especially the Iron Acanthus (link is broken, just thought you might want to know). I'd love to have the pattern, but I've got my hands full and know I won't make a quilt anytime soon. Can you use the pattern in any way, or is useage solely for the purpose of quilting?

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    Again, thanks so much, and your work is awesome!

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