Monday, February 8, 2010

Fan Mail.... WOW

I have my first official piece of "fan mail" from a darling woman who I absolutely adore...

Feb 02/07/10 9:05 AM
Dahlink, every where I turned yesterday I saw another absolutely gorgeous quilt done by Karen Marchetti - your work should be in all the quilt magazines and you should become a national teacher - you're better than half of them out there!! I am so happy for you. The labels, prize ribbons and everything else you designed for the show were also wonderful. It was just the best show. Before you take a break, pat yourself on the back a thousand times. Love, Pat P.


  1. I have to say i agree fully with Pat.P!! Nat

  2. Couldn't have said it better than Pat did. Way to go! Steffie

  3. Congrats Karen! You are a masterful quilter!!!!


  4. just waiting for that day when we can drop the "ful"... LOL!!!


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