Friday, January 29, 2010

Hearts, hearts, and then some more hearts...

Here's Madeline's Hearts from the Past quilt... its from the book "Lickety Split Quilts"... I know this because I also have the book! Althought they claim the quilts are "lickety-split" you would actually have to start the quilt for the lickety part to work... LOL which is why mine isn't done yet. Really, Madeline said it went together quite smoothly so we're gonna have to believe her on this one. Anyway, here's the quilt... j


  1. Very pretty with the hearts swirling~ I am always impressed when someone is ON schedule with the holidays!

  2. I Made one of these quilts.. It was a fun quilt. I love your quilting on it! Good Job Madeline!! and Karen!!

  3. Very pretty, Madeline, and I like your quilting on it too, Karen!


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