Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joey's Quilt

Well, I was trying out "faux" cathedral windows and I made a couple of samples. Here I was thinking maybe I'll teach a class in these since they are super easy. Silly me, I showed these sample blocks to my son (very typical teenager) and to my surprise he really liked them. I mean REALLY liked them -- he actually used the words WOW and COOL. So I went and pulled as many black and whites as I could find from my stash, and I took a trip to the JaM Patch (my local quilt shop) and got some more... now I've started yet another quilt. But since these blocks were so well liked by my son, I guess I'll get on this quilt and get it done asap!

Here's a look at the blocks and some of the fabrics:

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  1. Karen, it was amazing to view the map with all the hits. Your new blocks-very striking. I'm sure Joey will enjoy it. Are you going to teach a class? I'll attend.
    Hey do you know anything about crickets. Like why I'm getting so many on the patio at night? I've got to get back to emb.


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