Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Borders...

Sad but true, I have no pics of new quilts to post. Sad because I am waiting on a customer to get back to me regarding how I'm going to fix her quilt. Yes, I am capable of correcting super-wavy borders while still on the frame -- its just I like to get the customers approval before altering their quilt in any way, even if it's for the better.

I am a stickler about quilt borders. There is a "proper" way to attach borders and then there's the "I'm just gonna sew this piece to this piece and it'll be done" way. I bet by this point you can tell what my problem with this quilt is.... yep, its a border, well actually both borders on both sides. Now I'm not going to show you the quilt -- there is no pictoral wall of shame. But, I cannot say enough about properly attaching borders to enough people!!!!! It is one of my pet peeves. It is not that hard, and it does not take that much time, but it does ensure that your quilt will be square and lay flat! All you do is take 3 measurements -- 1 of each side, and 1 down the center. Take the average of these three numbers and cut your side border fabric this measurement. You then mark the center of your side, and the center of your border fabric. Line these marks up, pin the ends and ease the fabric between. Side borders done! Now, on to the top and bottom, take 3 measurements -- 1 of top, 1 of bottom, and 1 across the center! Do the same with marking the center of top, the center of border fabric, line up centers, pin ends, and ease the fabric between. EASY AS PIE, QUILT LIES FLAT! Using this method you can solve most piecing problems throughout your quilt; you can even square up a preprinted panel. Try it -- it takes a little bit longer but it is so worth it in the end! Thanks!

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