Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Rosamond's Long Time Gone Quilt

Last night I finished Rosamond's Long Time Gone quilt, pattern is a BOM by Jen Kingwell Designs.  And, no, I'm not that fast -- this was actually started last week. 

And the back (ooh ahh):

And, of course, a bunch of detail pics:


  1. What a beautiful, fun quilt. The pattern and colors are stunning. The quilting brings the design to "life". It is eye catching and would brighten anybodys day.

  2. Karen, you are amazing! I'm so happy that I get to love this beautiful quilt! I agree with Debra...your quilting brings the quilt to life!

  3. Looks amazing! Aren't they fun quilts to work on. I quilted one last year for one of my customers and she had made hers in reds & whites.

  4. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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