Sunday, March 19, 2017

Toni's Applique Quilt

Isn't this a beautiful quilt -- Toni did some beautiful applique on this!  You'll have to forgive my photos -- no one was around to hold the board so it's flat, and at a weird angle.

Here are some detail pics while it was still on the frame during quilting.

And a peek or two at the back -

Now to trim it all up - hope Toni loves it!


  1. Stunning! beautiful interesting textures!

  2. Each block is a beautifully framed work of art.

  3. Just gorgeous Karen. Your elegant Quilting makes those blocks stand out!

  4. As always, your quilting is exquisite. I love being inspired by your creativity. Your quilting makes me want to try to make my quilts look marvelous. Keep inspiring all of us. See you at the conference.

  5. Oh, wow - What a gorgeous quilt between her work and yours. Droolworthy, for sure!


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