Friday, February 26, 2016

Basting a Quilt Top Square!!

Remember awhile ago I said I'd be sharing how I baste quilt tops to keep (make) them square?  Well, I made a great slideshow but it had a couple of glitches.  Anyway, all those little glitches have been fixed and you can now view it as a blog post over on the Gammill Quilting blog (or click the image below for a direct link).


  1. Fantastic tutorial! Do you charge clients extra for this type of basting?

  2. That was a great tutorial. There are some obvious big mistakes in that border pattern. Are you never tempted to send quilts back pointing them out as once quilted it's too late and they wil be so glaring?

  3. The "aha" line was your last line. I have been undoing all my basting as a section opens on the frame! . Thank you for sharing and providing excellent photos to illustrate.


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