Friday, June 13, 2014

Wendy's Red & White Quilt

I finally finished Wendy's red & white quilt!  I've had storm delays almost every day -- that's because it's the rainy season and my quilting hours just happen to fall during the storm times.  Either I'll adjust or I'll fall further behind -- I'm hoping to adjust!

The studio is such a mess right now, this is the best full-view picture I could manage:

And some detail:

And the back, of course, you know me and solid backs - fabulous!

What a beautiful quilt, hopefully Wendy will be pleased.


  1. I love that fill Karen. The one around that applique. Can you tell us how ins done? Stunning.

  2. I just love the background filler! This looks so great! Stunning quilt and quilting! Wish you a great weekend, hopefully no bad weather😀

  3. I just love two color quilts and this is one is stunning. Do you know the pattern name? Your quilting is amazing as usual, love that filler too.


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