Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A couple weeks late and several brain cells shy!

Wow, I thought I had only missed a week of quilts to post... wrong!  I have almost three weeks of work to catch up on.  Yep, guess I'm a slacker or lacking brain cells - not sure, either way gotta take the good with the bad!

So, lets go back in time to Pat's applique quilt.  Super, super, cute.  I don't know the name/maker of the pattern, sorry guys.

Then I worked on this enormous t-shirt quilt with huge borders, but it sure turned out cute!

Then on to Joan's ironwork quilt -- again, I am lacking for the pattern name/maker, sorry.

Betty made a fantastic rail fence - great colors!

And then Jan (one of my favorite snowbirds) had left me three of her quilts before she heard up North.
The scarecrow quilt (I just love this one):

She had inherited some antique stars.  She appliqued them to muslin and added some borders.  All I had to do was keep it somewhat traditional:

And then, one of her super cute Peter Rabbit quilts:

 And that's it until next time!  Happy Quilting peeps!


  1. I always love your quilting, but I love what you did on the iron works the best! It looks like one is looking out a real window with a screen! So cool!

  2. You're like a freakin robot, I swear! I can't seem to get anything done and here you are bragging about your productivity. :) So it was the stars that you needed the traditional injection for huh? I think it turned out fabulous!


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