Monday, February 27, 2012

PSL Crazy Quilters 2012 Show

What a show!  Really, not only because it is one of the guilds to which I belong, but because it truly was an amazing show.

I would love to post every quilt and comment on all my favorites, but I would probably fill up my blog in one post and possibly crash the site (I tend to babbly on and on).  So I'll give you all the wonderful links and you can view it all at your leisure.

Here is the link to the Awards -- make sure you view the entire document as it is three pages long.

And here is the Show Page, which has everything, but mainly the slideshows -- one of all the quilts, and one of the member challenges.

For more info on the PSL Crazy Quilters, please visit there website:

And here's a great pic of me, my Mom, and my Sister in my booth:

Enjoy the slideshow, and make sure you check the website for more information about our next show in 2014!

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