Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gail's Quilt

Here is another amazingly-pieced quilt by Gail -- great use of color too. She really makes my job so much easier!

Gail's only instructions were "keep it simple" and "it's an everyday quilt". I understand the keep it simple part -- that translates into only do enough to make it look wonderful. I have a problem with the everyday quilt part. Yes, it is my own personal problem I know. To me an everyday quilt needs a lot of quilting. It is going to be used everyday, and washed a lot -- hopefully, ewe that was a bad visual. Anyway, one of my personal peeves... something that is going to be used everyday needs to be stitched well in order to hold up to the use and washing. BUT, there are many people that think only show quilts need super amounts of stitching. WRONG... show quilts need super amounts of "show" stitching. Everyday quilts needs super amounts of stitching... not super dense, just super quilted! I will explain all of this in further detail in a separate post -- oooohhh, I have just given myself homework! What fun.... NOT, but I really want you all to see what happens to quilts when there isn't enough quilting. I have everyday quilts and show quilts and there is a definite difference!!! My dogs would never sleep on my show quilts! LOL... until next time, Happy Quilting!!!

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