Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow, it has been a busy past three days... The PSL Crazy Quilters Show has wrapped up and today is a calm day of relaxing... hah... work on the website slide show of all the quilts, realize I'm missing some... call the other photo buds I know... then a quick trip to the airport to return Mom & Sis to the stormy-snowy north... then another quick trip to drive my son to his friends super bowl party... then another quick trip home so hubby could fit in some fishing before the super bowl! So when exactly is the relaxation going to happen? Apparently it is now, during my blog posting... LOL cause if not I'd be crying!

Anyway, I must send a shout out to my friend Natalie who took Best of Show at the show... woohoo (hopefully she's not tired of hearing that)... double woohoo!!! Okay, I walked away with eight ribbons myself -- not so bad if I say so myself!

I also won First Place for the Member Challenge with this -- "Beauty of the Sea" -- my own design utilizing a bunch of stuff I learned during the week long Sharon Schamber Design and Construction retreat that I attended back in September.

She is absolutely amazing and I had so much fun making her. The finished piece is only 20" square. I am planning to make a larger piece exactly the same, well close, nothing is ever exactly the same!

Back to the PSL Crazy Quilters Show... for a list of winners click here, the slideshow is still "in progess" so once it is posted to their site I'll let everyone know! This way you can see ALL the beautiful quilts.

Okay people... thanks for following and I truly need at least an hour of peace and quiet before the super bowl starts!!! Have fun, enjoy, stay safe and sane!!!

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  1. WOW 8 RIBBONS!! That is fantastic!!
    I love your challenge quilt!! She is full of life! I cant wait to see what you make next! Nat


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