Friday, December 18, 2009

Sharman's Vintage Garden... done.

Okay, Jeannie has been way too productive in her quilt making! Here is Sharman's Vintage Garden (embroideries and pattern by Jenny Haskins) -- another king size embroidered quilt! I think this one turned out great -- just a couple pics!

Jeannie will be teaching this quilt as her 2010 BOM Embroidered Quilt. Check it out here!


  1. Sharman's quilt is great! I LOVE IT!!!! I have not had time to sew much!but for good family reasons.... I wont have the statue done. I realy dont know how to go about quilting it(the face)!! =(. I'm quilting my butt off this week and night. OH is christmas this comeing week..LOL I will be quilting that day to. I cant wait to see your challange quilt! Talk soon. Nat

  2. Stunning quilt! Your quilting is fantastic Karen!!

  3. Thanks! It always helps to start with a good canvas!


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