Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bella Fiore...

Well here it is... my latest wholecloth pattern named "Bella Fiore". Its on the frame and the background fill is started, BUT (that dreaded but)... I am not happy with how the main design is looking. We'll see, sometimes I get this "trauma" while still early in the quilting process... it may start to grow on me -- or not?

Of course, part of the "trauma" is because this is one of my entries for the PSL Crazy Quilters 2010 Show -- yep, entered on paper, but just started quilting (ahhhhh). Apparently I am just a little bit nuts.

Okay, on another note -- I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year filled with everything that is good because 2010 is going to be a fantastic year! Have fun and stay safe!


  1. Happy New Year Karen and Karen's Family!! I can already tell it is a winner!! I just finished quilting my Double Wedding Ring... at least I think I'm done. I will look it over again in the morning.I cant wait to see more of bella Fiore wholecloth. How much are you selling your wholecloth patterns for? I cant wait to make one. Nat

  2. Thanks Nat -- hope you and yours have a wonderful New Years also! We'll see how this one goes, not happy with my choice of quilting at this point....

    The patterns are different prices... depends on size -- pillows much less than bed size.

    Wedding ring is looking good!

  3. I just love will be wonderful, I just know you can make it so....a little more prayer perhaps is needed and it will be a masterpiece!
    Happy New Year!....

  4. Thanks Judy -- Happy New Year to you too!


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