Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rooted in Tradition Quilt Exhibit

Recently I attended the Rooted in Tradition, Art Quilts from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum exhibit at the Vero Beach Museum of Art ( It is a free exhibit and it runs until 10/25/2009. Okay, I say recently... it was around two weeks ago. I started this post back then and it has been dwelling in my draft file since -- I wanted to finish perusing the catalog that we purchased after viewing the exhibit. There were no photographs allowed so the catalog was a must! It is packed with insight and inspiration, not only about the quilts on exhibit and the artists, but the history of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and, of course, the history of art quilts in general.

Although I found many quilts that can fall under my "favorites" category, I am so fascinated by one, Jewells by Tafi Brown (Alstead, NH) -- it was made in 1982 -- Tafi incorporated photography and quilting -- apparently she was well-ahead of her time. I am just amazed; today everyone is thrilled with the use of many types of available "printer" fabrics. This woman was utilizing this very concept almost 30 years ago, albeit in a much more elaborate and time-consuming photographic style -- like I said, ahead of her time. I do have many favorites from the exhibit, this one just stuck with me. If you get the opportunity go see for yourself and pick your own favorites!

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