Monday, July 27, 2009

New Thread!

I'm trying out a new thread... LOVE IT. I spent yesterday just playing and doodling on the machine with this new thread. It is a trilobal poly with low stretch and I LOVE IT! So far it is GREAT! Here's some pics of the doodles (I added a dime for proportion).

Okay, now I'm going to try this new thread in the bobbin with my usual thread on the top. Lately my usual thread has been giving me such trouble. Hopefully this new thread will be just the help I've needed... hopefully! Either way I love the new thread and plan on ordering a bunch!


  1. Oh Karen, your doodling is gorgeous.
    I love the heart. No surprise. the little circles around the feathers are so minute, don't know how you have such control and concetration.I have to come up with something for you to incorporate all your talent onto a new quilt.
    Love Mad

  2. I agree with Madeline your doodles are gorgeous but you didn't tell us who makes the thread. Do you still like it and are currently using it or have you found something better since 2009?

  3. Debra - it was (and still is) Glide Thread by Fil-Tec. Yes, I still use almost daily along with their Magna-Glide bobbins fantastic). Here is a link to their website:

  4. I tried that thread the first time last week, since we cant buy it in Europe, a friend imported it from the States and I LOVE it !!!
    wonderful colors as well and my Lucey takes it well !


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